I couldn’t keep up T_T

sadly I couldn’t keep up this blog though I’ll let this hang in the net so maybe sometime when I have the energy to update this blog I’d still continue T_T


Happy Birthday DAWA!

source: bring in google images then type Ayaka Wada, scroll a little bit(pick the BEST) then that’s it! konno-asami.blogspot.com

Happy Birthday! long live S/mileage under DAWA’s leadership! the cutest voice evarrr xD

the p-style Ranking #1 (さくら学院)

First off, you might think what’s P-style? it’s Pinoy-style that is what we call ourselves here in the Philippines “Pinoy” like in Japan normally it’s “Japanese”(I don’t know if there are any other terms)

Basically this is just another ranking all over the net, just my way. oookay! first album to rank is none other than さくら学院’s first ever album さくら学院2010年度~message~ I played the album many times since the last one and more than a half week through the computer and iPod and these is the results I got:


occasionally I would just play this playlist and listen a long but surprisingly the gap between the most plays and least plays are 14! so maybe I pressed the next button many times just before a song played.

I kept saying here in my blog and personally that Dear Mr. Socrates is my favorite but right in this ranking, with the help of our friendly link neighborhood



Princess ☆ a la mode or プリンセス☆アラモード by Mini Pati is so cool! I think it’s somewhat “vocaloid-ed” I can’t differentiate their voices I simply love it’s “rabu rabu doki aramodo!” beat but on the other side, with the same members, Sleepiece’s song is at the least, the song is not bad at all it’s very good actually but it has a lot more childish beat effect and hey! 22 plays of this songs is 75 minutes! so it wasn’t really bad.

助けて THE G! = Tasukete! THE G! = Help! THE G!


Babymetal’s Do・ki・Do・ki☆Morning is so damn good! this is the first ever wicked metal group who dominates IMO more than System Of A Down!

Now I will point out Scooper’s Brand New Day once you listen to it somewhat quite boring but the beat of the drum encourages me to play it again and again, I can imagine Ayaka and Airi swaying their hips while singing this.

and that’s my P-style ranking! overall I would rate the album a five/five! (in the succeeding ranking I will profoundly rate things up but for now that’s it Open-mouthed smile) let’s support our admirable idols by buying their CD’s and/or DVD’s.

Twinklestars new single!

おはよう 目が覚めて最初にあなたのことを思うよ おはよう いちにちがシアワセでありますように ほらもう出掛ける時間だよ.

ohayou me ga samete saisho ni anata no koto omou yo
ohayou ichinichi ga shiawase de arimasu you ni
hora mou dekakeru jikan da yo


Lyrics credit to Projecthello.com

Today morning is a very good one, it’s raining! I think good day starts with a rain and Mr. Bright Sun enters the scene and clears them out producing a rainbow on the basin-like parts of pavement floor outside. On with the news!


The release of Please! Please! Please!  from the subgroup of さくら学院, Twinklestars is on July 6! woot! woot!



I’ve been really onto Sakura Gakuin, today I think is special, I even named my character in Flyff


SakuraGakuin with a sexy fox named, Ayami! and the other pet, Tommy Toucan, has nothing to do with it.

Later on I will post my daily J-pop songs ranking so stay tuned.

Non-Jpop news about this day’s greatness!: later my father will buy me frame for my old broken glasses right now I wear a very old glasses, it’s 6 years old!

Today for game players of Eclipse Flyff is the release of third jobs so this day is really great!

EDIT: I was mistaken about the release of the single, i thought it was today! gwarsh

The Obsession

Good news! So I tried to look everywhere for the TwinkleStar PV I searched some japanese sites though it was not there I learned that those sites are useful in times, tried to email some people and even a japanese, using the google translator, I tried to type like I was bleeding doing rephrasing but it was fun you’d never expect what’ll come out of that translator. Okay so one of those people replied and he/she’s going to e-mail it to me but then it was not in my email yet so let’s hope it’ll be there in no time and let’s hope that he’s not busy and find time to upload there, I’ll share to you guys and credit it all to him/her.

After the S/mileage auditions occurred I was on rage of anger then Sakura Gakuin suddenly popped out of the cuteness land and unnoticed I forgot about the S/mileage story. I ‘m planning to do an Ayami portrait just for a tribute, and since many people likes her that’d be a nice idea.

TwinkleStars (さくら学院)

I just found out of this group this past few days, I found them really cute and admirable, their songs are really awesome Star I recommend you to try listing onto them, they won’t let you downFingers crossed

Okay! first visit this blog so I won’t repeat in defining them Nino-baby’s Blog, simple as said they Sakura Gakuin is Cherry Blossom Academy, everything was sort out just like a real academy the leader was called 会長(kai-chou), Muto Ayami, and with the students in the group.

ayami muto

Ayami, the president, with flowers from fans(I think. The picture was taken from her blog in Ameba)


Sakura Gakuin has some subgroups, the subgroups are called Clubs and here they are:

First of the list, TwinkleStars

A Baton Club composed of 7 members, Suzuka, Ayaka and Airi aren’t present.


They had their first single which was Dear Mr. Socrates …. and they’re friggin’ AWESOME! they’re a hell of blooming Baton ladies invaded the roads of Baton dancing  parade, even Baton Queen Baifern agrees with this



Baton Queen, Baifern

and now a rundown with the Dear Mr. Socrates preview PV


First off was a Greek Old Man, supposedly Socrates, with a not so Greek Kitchen and he’s about to write in a paper with a modern pen.


He’s writing something and gives a *sigh* afterwards


Then he uses a mysterious telescope on a bright sunny day and .. and..


Amazingly instead of stars in the vast universe he sees .. he sees Twinklestars! jajang! a really cute entry with a smiling face of Marina(right) and Raura(left) the gazing continues onvlcsnap-2011-06-02-04h16m40s0

with a jaw-dropped Ayami(left) with a jaw-dropping baton lady.


they seem to be excited of dancing aah youthful excitement brings you youth in these aging days(though I’m still young).




Raura then sends message to Marina, receiving the message seems to made her happy then everything gets exciting when Ayami..vlcsnap-2011-06-02-04h19m14s3

blows you up with “Gomen-ne~” three consecutive deathly times with shinning close-ups mind popping cuteness overload


Red heart


..and heart-melting close-ups from .. Nene



Yui, she’s really cute! I was still naïve into this group when I saw her whippety bouncy smooth hair in Message PV and I was like “oooh! who’s that cute little girl” aah this girl has the future Money 



I thought she was Nene at first and she really looks Nene because the word Nene is a common a.k.a. name in our country used when you don’t know the little girl and you want to ask for her assistance.

but then this is Yui.


“I’m the bossz”


Die with this! KYAAAAAA Cat face


everything suddenly starts to fade out! noooo! the heat was just going on!

okay anyway this isn’t the FULL PV after all, I’ve been bugging people over Facebook to lend us the Full PV I’ll post it right away and share TwinkleStars cuteness all over world!



Sushipafu < go here if you want to a lot of stuffs from Sakura Gakuin CDs and DVDs.

Sakura Gakuin < Sakura Gakuin Ameblo and blog as well though everything was in Japanese.

S/mileage new member auditions

I was fucked up by the stupid news of status updates in Hello!Online so I posted small words of hate in the S/mileage’s thread, I don’t watch latest Ustream videos, concerts, events and other video’s of them I’m just a bare PV viewer and a listener base on what I can feel that they are really matched up to resemble a very good aura  from their first indie single (Asu wa date na no ni) to the latest (Koi no Booing!) so adding up a new member/s is fucking joke.

So I assume that you watched the event where you can see their reactions about Tsunku’s surprise news for them(If you haven’t, then go check it out on YT, it’s still HOT!) Yuuka was so like a helpless kid lost in a grocery store, the cam zoomed just a bit to see their reactions she was so pale! I was touched by that reaction.

Tsunku set up a plan that S/mileage wouldn’t resist, he video-d himself and had a cheap horrific effects of some words referring to auditions, which successfully gave a sad face to all of S/mileage’s members: Kanon was like Nandayo?!. were really fucked up with this news but it can’t be helped many liked the news and many disliked.